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Group Sound Healings

Held Monthly

(1 hour & 15 minutes)

4:00-5:15 pm

$35.00 each

Upcoming sessions:

June 28

July 26

Or get a small group together, pick a date & time, & we can arrange a private session for you and your friends at my studio or your place!

(Call for pricing)

Private Sound Healings

1 hour session on heated PEMF mat which includes infrared light with tourmaline, amethyst, and jade gemstones

$125.00 for 1 hour session










PEMF therapy or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy stimulates cells, gets rid of pain deep inside the body, reduces inflammation and supports overall wellbeing




Email: to reserve your spot & pay in advance via

Venmo: @nicoleadoni or Zelle

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